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Valu in review
Check it out - we've made some exciting changes!
Welcome to the 5th Edition for 2018 of Valu-In-Review! Your newsletter for all things property from around NZ. This month we've changed things up a bit, and added new content that's geared specifically to help you as a property investor learn more, and keep up to date with this industry.
Here at Valuit, we're all about maximising your cash-flow and growing your investment so keep reading to see how we can help you in achieving this.
Here's what we have for you this month: 
  • Are you maximising the rent you get each month?
  • Insulation - what you need to know and do.
  • Recent property investment news - stay up-to-date with what's happening in NZ.
  • Depreciation update - Depreciation, not always a downer!
  • Tools and resources - Have you tried these great smart phone APPS?

And much more, so read on and happy investing!


Valuit will help you achieve more from your property investment. As New Zealand’s most experienced property depreciation experts, we will help you to minimise your tax liabilities, in turn maximising the return you get for your investment, creating greater cash flow. 


Market rents

Could you be charging more rent? Find out what the current average rents for your area are right now. Read more


Hot tips and reminders: Insulation

Insulation statements are now compulsory with all new tenancy agreements. Insulation will be compulsory in all rental homes from 1 July 2019.

To find out exactly what you need to do as a landlord, click here


What has the NZ media been review.

Investors rumbling on in property market

The latest data shows that multiple property owners remain a firm presence in the market. Photo / Getty Images

The latest buyer classification data shows that multiple property owners remain a firm presence in the market; with this category securing 38 per cent of sales nationwide in April. Read more


Power imbalance between tenants and their property managers or landlords

Property managers are the bane of many tenants' lives. Read more


Capital valuations 'don't reflect market value', confusing for entry-level investors

Colliers International investment sales Auckland director Gareth Fraser says commercial property is "vastly more ...

Council-issued valuations are confusing and can scare off first-time commercial property investors, a sales director says. Read more


Property sellers rake in $3bn over last three months, according to latest CoreLogic data

House sellers across New Zealand are still cashing in despite some markets cooling off, pocketing $3.1 billion in profit during the first three months of 2018, new figures show. Read more


Winter chill hits New Zealand property market

Dunedin was the only main centre with any material value growth in the month, up 1.1 per cent.

NZ's property market has flattened and is likely to stay that way for at least the rest of the year, valuation data provider QV says. Read more


NZ capital gains tax would lift rate of home ownership - bank

Introducing a 10 per cent capital gains tax would reduce New Zealand house prices by 10.9 per cent and lead to a higher rate of home ownership, according to a leading bank economist. Read more


Property investors praise Government decision to soften foreign buyers ban

The Government's decision to soften their stance on foreign buyers is being hailed as a win for renters. Read more


Residential property price increases expected

Confidence in New Zealand’s residential property market is now higher than before last year’s election, with house price increases expected in every market surveyed. Read more


Diana Clement: Visitors look for extra details

The secret to enticing people to stay in a beach property during winter is having a warm, comfortable place rather than being right on the beach. Photo / Supplied

Letting property to holiday makers and short-term guests is becoming increasingly popular. Read more


Property markets waits nervously for tax changes

It is now safe to say that the brief market resurgence that began in October last year is over. Read more


Brian Fallow: Tax could prick property bubbles

New Zealand property prices soared by 71 per cent from 2010 to 2017.

Over the past seven years, NZ has experienced one of the fastest rates of house price inflation in the developed world. Read more


Don't hit the panic button when markets turn down

The human brain is hardwired to avoid pain. That's why the intensity of the hurt from a $100 investment loss is many times that of the pleasure brought by a $100 investment gain. Read more


Proposed Changes to Overseas Investment Act Amendment Bill

The Select Committee has completed its deliberations on the Overseas Investment Act Amendment Bill (Bill) with the publishing of its report on 18 June. Read more


As many as one in five house buyers in NZ may be 'foreign'

Queenstown joins Auckland in having the highest proportion of sales to overseas buyers and the smallest proportion of ...

Restrictions on foreigners buying NZealand property will depress prices, one economist says – and the effect may be greater than some have predicted. Read more


Opinion: Why renting in Auckland sucks

I had barely unpacked in my first rental when the landlord told me he was selling the house. Read more


Will baby boomers cop property-tax hit to help young Kiwis escape debt?

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peter's "aspirational" target of an average house price equal to around five times the average annual wage may be unachievable, but it reminds me how skewed the market has become in the last few decades – to the next generation's cost. Read more


Depreciation update - the technical stuff.

​* Have you or a friend purchased recently? Make sure you are reducing your tax liability!  Book an appraisal / enquire here

* Learn something new - Check out our video. We love it, do you?: Depreciation - the basics

* Recent commercial example: Here's what a Commercial Client saved.YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!  Click here to view


Your ultimate directory of "Tools and Resources"

We now provide you with access to some amazing resources for Landlords. 

  • Smart phone APPS
  • Useful Web Links
  • Document downloads

As part of our on-going commitment to providing you with excellent service in all aspects of property investment, check out our new Tools and Resources section on our website. Click here to view

This months focus is on a SMART PHONE APP.

Have you tried.............?

          Rent Tracker
RentTracker is an easy to use property management app for landlords and property managers. 
Unlike other apps, RentTracker not only organizes your tenant and contractor information, but it also allows you to enter rent payments, expenses, and export financial reports.
Available for APPLE and ANDROID


Top Property Professionals

Did you know we also have a professionals section on our website? This is alist and profile of some of the professionals that we have found to be active in the property investment sector.

Is your accountant, or advisor listed? If not let us know who they are and we will look to add them. Tell us who they are.

Are you a property professional and want to be featured by Valuit? Find out how you can be included in this section. Click here for more information.


The month in history....
06 June 1996 - NS's first wind farm becomes operational. Read more
07 June 1976 - McDonald's arrives in NZ. Read more
08 June 1987 - NZ goes nuclear-free. Read more
10 June 1886 - Mt Tarawera erupts. Read more
Check out more NZ history by clicking here

What's going on in your area?
Follow this link for a list of all "property investment" related events that are happening through-out the country during the month. Click here to see what is on at your local Property Investors Association.
Are you running a property investment seminar? Let us know and we may promote it to our Investor database. I'm running an event.
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